Our Story

Al Duomo offers the most amazing Sourdough-Lievito Madre Pizzas  in the heart of Brighton and has done so for the past 36 years. We source all our ingredient from the finest Italian Suppliers. We source our tomato sauce direct from the best pommodori in Italy & our Mozzarella is 100% pure. To top our pizza we use exquisite charcutiere, cheeses, olive oil and other fruit and veg sourced from local Sussex producers. Our pizza dough is made on the premises with the finest Italian flour. We only use Caputo 00 which is a strong flour and uses a 3 day proofing process which makes the dough extra light and better for your digestion. Our food is cooked fresh to order, keeping to the classical traditional recipes.   Our Pizza are cooked in Fuoco a Legna “Wood Fired” Oven and gas assisted when very busy, this gives a delicious flavor to the dough and other ingredients. Our Chef’s have trained in some of the best Italian Restaurants, both in Italy and the UK . The senior chefs have over 70 years experience between them. Each of them are passionate about cooking and love sourcing quality ingredients to create delicious Italian food. ……..Buon Appetito

We train our staff in house, many of our chefs started as kitchen helpers and over the years have matured and gained invaluable experience and knowledge by learning from the best. The front of house team is also trained in house on customer service and product knowledge, we delight in them interacting with our customers and making your experience a most enjoyable & pleasurable one. Over the past 36 years we have seen many a member of staff leave and work for others or themselves and it gives us great satisfaction that the experience they have gained with us has been used to further their careers and continue the Love of Italian food around the world. We now have ex-staff in all  4 corners of the world. We look forward to one day visiting them and toasting their success in person.

Al Duomo (established 1979) was Brighton’s first wood fired pizzeria and probably the first in the UK. Which has been serving the local community and visitors for over 3 decades. The original pioneer was Dino Azzarone and his family who started with their first place in East Street, then migrating to the larger, current premises at Pavilion Buildings. It was a small Italian family concern that prided them selves on producing Neapolitan food with real authentic Pizzas made in a wood fired oven, using lievito madre. His family’s philosophy was good food, good service and value for money. In 1991 Dino sold, so he could retire to Spain. His legacy and philosophy where continued by the Taverna Family and continue to this day. In 1992 the Council removed the parking bays outside and pedestrianised the area to the front of the building. The following year we were permitted to place tables and chairs on the terrace for Al Fresco dining, over the years due to customer demand the business has expanded to its present size. After 36 years Al Duomo has served over 4.5 million customers and continues to be a much loved local family run Italian Pizzeria, which has ingratiated itself over 3 decades. We are a little older “ but maybe wiser” and have watched your families grow and mature. It has delighted us to see the generations starting on their voyage of discovery of Italian food at Al Duomo with 1st slice of Pizza or scoop of Italian ice cream. We love catering for all types of parties and occasions! If in doubt give us a shout. Buon Appetito from us All.